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    Here's the deal. There has been some discussion here on TC about creating a Bounty for the person who figures out how to get the Blackberry Connect software to work with the 700P. So here we go.

    I will contribute $50 via PayPal to the person who posts a valid solution to solve the problem we are having - phone loops after software install.

    Others can add to this amount by replying to this thread to the amount posted in the previous thread.
    i.e if you want to add $20 to the Bounty reply and post Bounty Now =$70

    This will be the honor system. I would think this could get meaningful in a hurry. I think it's fair to suggest the following:

    1. The solution is not telling us about a fix or new release by Plam
    2. It can't break other stuff on the Treo .. "BBC now works but you need to reset everytime you close the app"

    Let's motivate someone who can figure this out


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    add my $10.00

    Bounty now= $60
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    add my $10

    Bountry now = $70
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    add $20
    Bounty now $90
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    For some clients of mine - add my $10 - that's $100.
  6. JJL
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    I'm in for $50. BBC email on a Treo? What's not to like?
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    BountyNow = $150

    (With JJL's $50)
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    This is great. Hopefully the $$ will entice someone to get this to work. Although, I am sure it will all work itself out as soon as someone figures out the ROM tool situation.
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    i have waited so long to get bbconect on palm and i am about to be a new treo user. i'll happily add$10 via paypal.

    Bounty: $160.
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    I'll put up $25

    Bounty $185
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    count me in for $15

    Bounty $200
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    The need for BES support grows everyday. Corporate won't allow us to access the exchange server with the Treos, and NOW has prohibited the automatic forwarding of email! I'm in complete withdrawal! Count me in for $40

    [B]Bounty $240
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    Count me in for 20...

    Bounty is 260.00
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    OK so what IS the big deal with Blackberry connect? Really?

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    ummm.... What rock do you live under Karl???

    Converged device
    Corporate E-mail access

    'nuf said.
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    If your company uses Exchange and they give you web access, sometimes called OWA (Outlook Web Access), might look like Does any of this sound familiar? If so can now log in behind the scenes and send / receive all your corp email right through your company's secure web portal...
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    BBC is great and all. Chatteremail is another answer, however, it does not support Calendar and Contacts list yet.

    If there is a solution, count me in for another $20.

    Bounty $280
    "Who really needs to multitask on their phone." - PRE-rock
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    adding another $5

    total= $285
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