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    Following is a message I posted to the Palm newsgroup. I have yet to get an answer, but I know there are some happy LapTopHack users out there/here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The purple "frownie" is a picture of a frustrated me.

    Now, I don't think I'm a particularly slow person, but the LapTopHack manual has really made me feel like an imbecile. Paul N, I think you've written a great program (I think), but until I can figure it out, I hesitate to register it. And, I know the manual is a work in progress,
    but it really does need help. I formatted it into MS Word (that's another issue), printed the whole thing out, and put it into a binder. I just can't work off of a computer screen full time and hate printing out a browser manual.

    My question: For the life of me, I cannot figure out what "Our Control Activator" is supposed to do. And, I get the sense that it's really the meat of the program. You say to type in the letters that "uniquely indentify the control." What's a control? Please give examples. I'm
    stuck. Definitions in the manual would have been really helpful.

    I know this hack has a really steep learning curve. And, I've read that it's worth getting through it. The learning curve doesn't scare me. Just the frustration from the lack of definitions and clarity. Paul, I think you make assumptions about your readers and users that may not
    always be true. I'm not a complete computer dummy. I use them at work for rather sophisticated software every day, like GIS and CAD, but I'm feeling defeated. I hate when *that* happens.

    I have not yet registered LapTopHack. I don't know if I will even like the hack until I figure it out. Once that happens, and I like it, I will surely register it. BTW, I think I'm needing the entire 45-day trial period, so thanks for making it so. Paul, I know you monitor this newsgroup, and I hesitate asking for direct help from you because I have not registered the software. Also, I would like to hear other users' input about the usability of not only the software, but also the manual.

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    Wish I could help you...I think it was Wenchell (apologies if not) who said that if you had a Stowaway, to get LapTopHack.

    I got it. (on my VDX). I can't get it. (in my pea brain).
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    I've installed LapTopHack to try it, but I have yet to discover what it does. <shrug>

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    I had the same experience. I could figure out the escape feature and sort of work it with graffiti, but never could get it to work right with the Stowaway. I love pedit by the same author and use it every day, but I had to give up on LapTopHack and deleted it. Maybe someone more technically knowledgeable than me could figure it out. Also, I didn't like what it did to the "tips" and other changes to the Visor that were beyond the scope of what I bought it for.
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    Does anyone know if there is a similar, more simplistic alternative for more keyboard support than Laptophack?
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    I'm waffling on LapTopHack. It's kinda buggy (ex. the contrast button now pops up his special little date chooser), but some of the features are nice.

    BTW: the Our Control Activator allow you to type in the first few letters of a button and LTH will activate that button.

    My two biggest gripes: The author is pretty high on himself in the manual, making it difficult to read & understand. It can't seem to find buttons that have just picture on them (i.e. ThinkDB2). I've tried the "Rotator Mode," but it just skips over them.

    Anybody out there happy with LTH? I feel like theres functionality here that I need but am somehow missing.
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    Your best bet with help for the LapTopHack may be to join the yahoo e-group for pedit, Paul's main program. It is really a forum for any of his products. It has more truly active users than any other list I've been on. And Paul is on there constantly. People are extremely helpful (even if you aren't a registered user).

    I love LTH and I've been using since the beginning (though now I'm having trouble using my Stowaway with my FullCharge). I will admit that it can be difficult. The key for me has been not to read the manual until I'm trying to figure out a particular function.

    One thing that must be understood, however, is that the GoType and the Stowaway have different drivers and handle some things in different ways, in addition of course to what the Palm OS won't let you do, which makes it difficult to have a single product that does everything for everybody.

    As far as buttons are concerned, there are some (I believe ThinkDB is one) that aren't true buttons, they are just drawn to look like them. The coding is different.

    The "Our Control Activator." Controls are any of the following: button, push button, check box, popup trigger, selector trigger and popuplist. Under the section in the manual ( entitled "Terminology" is a screenshot that shows which each of these are. Any of these that has a label (i.e., a name) can then be selected by typing its first letter (or if several start with the same letter, typing until it's unique).
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    Thanks for your post--still not sure I get it, but very much appreciate your help!

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    I don't use pedit (Wordsmith has more functionality for me), and I don't think that LTH is going to keep me from having to tap the screen in my main apps. WS works great w/ the stowaway on its own...

    Thanks for the info on ThinkDB, Anomaly. I'm guessing that LTH can't activate those "non-buttons..."

    oh well, guess I can free up some memory!

    ...too bad, LTH is a great concept & a good inception, but if the PalmOS won't let it do its job, I can't keep it just for hubris!
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    Hi Guys:

    I am the LapTopHack guy. I will call any of you and
    give a short tutorial. E-mail me your phone and time zone
    and convenient times. I am at [EDT]. My only condition is
    that if you learn something interesting from me, then
    you will summarize it here for the other guys.
    Do we have a deal? Best regards, Paul

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