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    I am using Missing Sync for Palm OS Version 5.1 with my iBook running Mac OS 10.4. Whenever I sync with my iBook, it takes a good 5 minutes to sync with iCal (Events). It does not take this long to sync with Contacts, Tasks, Backup, etc. I only have 360 Events in iCal. Does everyone else's sync time take this long? It has always been this slow, even with Missing Sync for Palm OS Version 4. When I used to sync using Hotsync, it was much faster. I just prefer being able to sync my Categories from iCal and Address Book. Thanks.
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    I have found that if one's datebook is large, Missing Sync takes forever as compared to the Palm desktop. I have many years worth of data (over 5k events) and it takes seconds in the Palm desktop to sync. The down here is that I'm not using the iCal or the Mac's address book. I get the impression that Missing Sync has to check every event when it syncs where the Palm Datebook just notices what's been changed... but I really don't know why there is such a dramatic difference in the speed of syncing. And I certainly would prefer to use iCal and Address Book over Palm Desktop.
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    I found that the Palm Desktop Sync software also was much quicker. I wouldn't consider 360+ entries a lot of entries though. Guess it is just slow. I will take the slowness to get my categories to sync. Thanks.

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