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    Sprint will begin roaming data (EVDO and 1xRTT) on Alltel for free starting July 1. This will expand data access to rural areas in many states. It will only work on Treo 700p, apparently not the 600 or 650 (unless a firmware upgrade comes out - not likely).

    There are reports that data roaming already works in some areas. Has anyone tried data access when roaming on Alltel? Please report areas that it works.

    The way to tell if you are roaming on Alltel...

    - Dial ##DEBUG#
    - Look for SID
    - Compare SID to this list...
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    I am in a big alltel area, but still on sprint. Will keep an eye on it though.
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    Give it a shot in rural areas outside of your city. Chances are higher you'll hit roaming.
    Sprint Pre, Mugen 2800mah battery
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    You could always force your 700p into roaming and give it a try.....

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