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    I'm having trouble connecting with Bluetooth.
    I am able to send items..prcs, pics, etc by right-clicking on the item on my PC and selecting "Send To Bluetooth device" so my PC sees the Treo.

    Under "Bluetooth Configuration" on the "Local Services" tab it shows "Bluetooth Serial Port" is set to COM9 and Startup is Automatic.

    The PdaNet Settings on the PC are set to COM9 and "Allow Bluetooth Connection" is checked.

    When I launch PDA Net on the Treo, I've selected Mode: Dialup and Port: Bluetooth.

    When I choose connect, it searches for Nearby Devices and finds my PC. I then Highlight it and choose OK.

    PDA Net responds with
    "Unable to establish connection with your PC (code=779)"

    I haven't had any luck hotsyncing either, but for that I'd reather use a cable since I'm at my desk and the cable also charges the Treo.

    I would only use PDA Net for light internet use on the road where I may not have my cable.

    thanks in advance.
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    Any ideas?
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    I wish I had an answer. I've had this problem for days and still can not figure it out.
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    Did you guys ever get this fixed? I'm having the same problems using the 755p
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    Have you guys tried hotsync over BT? Try to get this to work first. Then uninstall and reinstall PDAnet. Remove PDAnet from your startup folder and reboot your PC. Launch PDAnet and you should see a dialoque that says that PDAnet will take over the BT serial port from Hotsync. Launch PDAnet on your Treo. You should be GTG (mine works flawlessly). Good luck.
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    Why are you folks using PDANet on a 700P anyways? There is a BT hack that does the same thing, but for free. That PDANet thing is the biggest ripoff.
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    okay I had this problem for quite a while and what fixed mine is by closing hotsync manager. See I think even if you have never tried to hotsync using bluetooth hotsync manager still grabs a port for use, and that port I believe is the one that you need to use for pdanet. Try closeing hotsync manager and see if that helps.

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