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    On the first day I got my 700p from Palm about two weeks ago I noticed that my down arrow was getting stuck some times. Though, I wasn't willing to let go this baby on the first day. The next day I noticed that my screen shows horizontal lines sometimes when I turn it on or when I move it up and down. Though it doesn't happen constantly, but it bother me because I know it is defective. It is like viewing pictures on a cheap monitor. Now the last thing that happened which made me think that I should exchange it was when yesterday at around 6pm my Treo lost signal and went on roaming all day. I tried a reset/ hard reset, I even drove arond my neighborhood where I usually get good signal and nothing. I called Sprint and I was told it was a hardware issue. So I wake up today and now the Treo is working fine. WTF??? How am I going to show the Sprint techs that my Treo has problems. I need advice, I'm going to the store after work.

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    Those all sound like hardware issues to me especially after a hard reset. I think you have three specific things to use to get a replacement, but it all depends on the person you talk to at Sprint and they're willingness to help.


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