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    I had this same prob. a couple of months ago. I keep getting resets and when I do my backups, I've been getting psyslaunchdb corrupted messages in my log. Please help so that I don't get too frustrated and throw this phone against a wall. Thanks in advance.
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    Okay, somebody has to know the solution to this problem...Pleeezze help!!!
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    Is that a needed database for the treo? I looked at my Treo core files and no such file exists. Seems as it may be a 3rd party database of some sort. Have you done a hard reset?

    If you throw your Treo against the wall that would be your loss. Send it to me, I'll give it some TLC.
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    A couple of things applications to look at. Number one, Preference Doctor and number two, Resco Lock. Since installing the two applications, I have not had a reset. It has become very stable.

    Now for the details. With Preference Doctor, all of the options are enabled. Wtih Resco Lock, I have HanDBase locked in memory along with ZLauncher. ZLauncher was done well after I stopped having problems with HanDBase crashing. With HanDBase, I now make a point of making sure the active applet is kept on the SD card and I use another utility to make copies of its databases - that is done with OnGuard.

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    What does HanDBase do? I already have Resco Locker.
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    HanDBase is a relational database application. I use it and its competitor. I am working with both to see which has the fewer problems and that is a totally different story. Ben
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    Oh, okay...thanks.

    If I remember correctly, I think was told to delete the corrupt db, then it would rebuild itself. I did that, but when I backup using Resco, I still get that 'psyslaunchdb corrupted' alert.
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    Psyslaunchdb is associated with the Saved Preferences, Unsaved Preferences, and System MIDI Sounds files. It's possible that one of these are corrupt which may cause the psyslaunchdb to become corrupt on rebuild. It's a drastic step, but you may want to try deleting the Saved and Unsaved preference files. You'll have to reconfigure your individual app preferences, as well are reentering the registration codes, but it may solve the problem.
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    Thanks, I hope this works.

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