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    Anyone going to this 700p launch party? I just got this email. See below:

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    From: "Palm Enterprise Solutions"<>
    Date: Tuesday, Jun 13, 2006 9:39 am
    Subject: Attend the Treo 700P Launch Party

    Come celebrate the launch of the hottest new smartphone!
    Attend the Treo(TM) 700P Summer Launch Party with Palm & Sprint!

    Learn about the newest industry solutions running on the
    Treo(TM) 700P smartphone

    Enjoy FREE food and cocktails with Palm, Sprint and
    their partners
    Stop by and mingle, get your hands on the 700P, and win
    Win a Jeff Gordon Racing School experience Win a Treo(TM) 700P smartphone. Win NASCAR tickets ..and much more!

    Don't miss out!
    RSVP today. New York City & San Francisco June 14, 2006.

    Washington D.C. & Los Angeles
    June 20, 2006.

    Chicago & Dallas
    June 22, 2006.

    RSVP :

    *Your response is required to attend.

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    I think I'm going to go so I can ask Palm when they're going to fix all the problems with the phone.
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    I'm going to the one in L.A. on the 20th - never been to one of these, so I'm going more out of curiosity than anything else.

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    I once went to a focus group several years ago and got paid $150 in cash just sitting around for 2 hours debating the merits of an experimental Palm application for using a Palm device to make purchases wirelessly, similar to a debit card but without the card. As far as I know, nothing ever became of this. I was hoping to get paid again with this current Palm launch invitation, but I'll settle for food and drinks! Maybe I might win a 700p! Can never have enuff !

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    Shoot! I am going to Miami that day. Drat, I could have made the DC event!

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