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    Sometimes when I unplug my wired headset I'm not able to hear calls (using Treo earpiece). It's as if the Treo thinks a headset is still plugged in. Reason I say that is when I make a call after unplugging the headset I don't get an option for speakerphone, which is consistent with using a headset.

    This problem doesn't happen all the time, and I can correct it with a soft reset. Not sure what's causing it - maybe unplugging the headset when the Treo's powered on vs. when the power's off??

    Anyone else experienced this? And any ideas as to what's causing it...and how to avoid it (other than suggesting a Bluetooth headset!!)?

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    This sounds like it answered my question that they still haven't fixed the jack issue.
    Try slowly removing the headset when you do remove it. If you have the trouble you are describing put the connector back in and wiggle every so gently and then remove slowly. This is a quick fix but the jack will slowly completly fail if it is anything like the 650. If this headset is for talking and not stero for music then go blue.
    There's always next year!
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    VolumeCare can "fix" this if you purchase the "bypass" option
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