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    Which utilities allow one to turn off the blinking LED in the Treo 650? I know that Butler can (I'm trying out the trial version now). It's nice for the most part, however, it doesn't allow you to pick and choose which LED's you want to allow and which ones you want shut off. I also tried the freeware LEDOff, but it didn't work consistently or reliably on my Treo 650. Are there other utilities that do this (preferably freeware, but I'll look at either)?

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    What problems are you facing with LEDOff?

    It's been on my Treo since the first few days and never
    had any problems with it.
    Game over!
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    before I bought Butler, I just turned it off in the General Preferences (Phone>Options>General Preferences>Blink Green LED When in Coverage> left it unchecked). Butler does allow for turing it off and on for certain times (while charging at night, I turn it off) and it still offers you the ability to get a VM LED which I like.

    BTW, I had some problems with LEDOff also, but I can't remember why now!

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