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    I still own and use a Treo 300 and I'm looking forward to upgrading to a 700P. Just wondered if anyone else has upgraded, and whether or not you were able to hotsync your treo 300 data onto the 700P
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    I went from the 300 to the 650 not that long ago. Don't try to move your data by just plugging the new treo in and doing a hotsync. It will create chaos. Create a new profile for the new device and sync it to outlook (or whatever you use for your PIM) and then reload all your palm software from scratch. It will save you some headaches.
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    data (to/do, calendar, contacts) shouldnt be a problem, programs yes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe
    data (to/do, calendar, contacts) shouldnt be a problem, programs yes.
    That is what I was trying to say - I just didn't say it very well.
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    Go to There are pretty good instructions on moving data from a previous Treo to a new 700. It's pretty simple. It requires renaming a folder and a couple of hotsyncs. Good luck!
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    There are several threads on moving from an older Treo to a newer one. In one thread I found instructions for 600 - 650 switch. They worked for me.

    I wanted to keep the user name from Treo 600 because of legacy programs and registration codes. The following simplified instructions worked for me on a Mac with OS X.

    Last time sync your old Treo.

    Install on your PC the software that came with 700p.

    Locate the Backup folder in the username folder, rename it to something else, e.g., Backup_Treo_300, and - just in case - move it to another directory.

    Sync Treo 700p - the relevant databases will move to the new Treo.

    Manually reinstall other programs - check first for updated versions; older versions of some programs either do not work or cause problems. (Use either HotSync to install the prgrams one by one or beam the programs and databases from the old treo using FileZ.)

    That's all it took for me.

    In addition to the regular Palm programs I installed the updated versions of the following:

    BackupMan (2.03)
    Convert-It! (1.7)
    DateBK5 (5.4a,s6)
    FileZ (6.8.3)
    HappyDays (2.33)
    Pocket Quicken (2.5.1 b0134)
    SplashID (3.32)
    SplashPhoto (4.4)

    They work without problems. I am still debating whether to move SnapperMail or not. Versamail is working well.
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    I went from the 300 to the I500, had to rename the back up folder then reinstall the aps, went from the I500 to the 650 after installing the desktop software I just hot sinced, it told me there was a program that would cause problems I let it not install that program, worked perfectly, still have the same username as always

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