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    I just switched from a 700w to the 700p on Verizon(I had a 600 and 650). I went to change my font in the calendar application and I only have the two large fonts. Before I try a hard reset in case I deleted them somehow, does everyone else on a Verizon 700p have these fonts?
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    In the calendar app, I have small, small bold, large, and large bold fonts as choices. Verizon 700p.
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    Ok, so I must have killed the font file somehow. Does anyone have another way of restoring it besides hard reset?
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    Ok, my bad. The agenda view only has large fonts and the daily gives me all 4. What I am really trying to do is find a better looking small font for Versamail besides the lame thin Gill sans or Sabon.
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    Speaking of fonts, has anyone tried font smoother w/ thrid party fonts yet?
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    FYI, I have now tested font smoother on the 700p. For the most part is very stable.

    See this thread for details:

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