Ok.. I am having the following issues with Kinoma player. Never had any on my Treo 650... But these are happening on the 700p:

1) When going to play a file, it says the format is not supported.. however then plays fine.

2) Used to be able to add to Palm Install mp4 files and it would put it in Kinoma. NOW, since the device handles mp4, it sticks them in the MEDIA area (lke other videos)... Which is OK.. however, Big Mp4 MOVIE files lock up on sync... the device sits in syncing media, and then disconnects from sync. You have to manually stop everythign and the movie file looks bad on the device. You need to delete it from there and palm desktop (same thing hapens when you add media to palm desktop). Of course this is all to an SD card.

The only way to get a good mp4 movie file on there is to use a card reader it seems.

Anyone else have these issues, or other Kinoma issues, and anyone know of any workarounds?