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    I'm a new Treo user and I'm in need of some help. I have a PC at work with all of my contacts on it that I synced to my new Treo today. I wanted all of my numbers in it and that was the easiest way to get them. At home, I have a Mac which I'd also like to sync to. Actually, I'll probably only sync to the Mac from now on. I just needed my contacts in Outlook which is why I synced to the PC in the first place. However, when I try to sync to the Mac, I get an error saying that the username is already in use by another device and that two handheld devices may not by synced to the same computer. Is that because I synced to the PC earlier? If so, how do I fix it so that I can sync to the Mac? Can I delete any preference files somewhere? Thanks!
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    Palm OS has no issues whatsoever to sync with more than one computer like PocketPC does, just install the hotsync software, connect, and go.
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    I sync to one Mac at home using the iSync conduit and bluetooth to sync to the Mac Address Book and iCal, sync to the Palm Desktop on another Mac, and to the Palm Desktop on an XP laptop at home and an NT laptop at work. No problems.
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    I am doing exactly that and I was having problems as well. Palm suggests you leave one machine as the sync source (in your case work machine) and your 2nd machine just as a backup by selecting Handheld overwrites Desktop option in Hotsync or equivalent.

    I did that and I have not had problems since. Bear in mind in my two computers I use Outlook, so maybe the transition between Outlook PC to something else may have difficulties, although if it only contact and calendar info I guess that is standard and should not really be a problem.

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