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    This is my 2nd one and both are doing the same thing. I lose connection when im not using the phone. If I have my phone in the right pocket and the headset on the left ear I get static. Anyone else with the same issue. I think it might be a problem with my phone.
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    Ok I just found out on another thread that the 640 as well as the 510 disconnects from the 700p. Shucks..I got this one real cheap too. Oh well.
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    Ok just found if I turn bluetooth Visibility to "visible" on the phone then I rarely lose connection when idled. It's default "hidden".
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    That sux, I just got my 510 about 2 weeks before getting the 700P and I was really happy with how the 510 stayed connected with my 650, and now, as you mention, the 510 keeps dropping out, I have to re-pair the phone and headset and on occaision reboot the phone. Hope it gets fixed in an update.
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    Have the Discovery 640. Same thing. Drops the BT connection. Haven't used it since. Come on Palm, get out the ROM update.
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    I have not had a single problem with my 640.
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    Have you guys tried setting the BT to visible? Does it drop when it's set to visible?
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    See my previous post. Setting it to visible should allow it to stay connected. Although I did experience 1 time when it disconnected. Before it was set to visible I was disconnecting every 5 min. Now it would stay connected pretty much all day. I've been checking every 30 min or so.
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    Ok I just lost connection 5 min after using the phone.

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