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    I've had my phone for 4 days already and a full credit of the purchase price i paid for my 700p appears on my account online. Is this normal? I want to see if I can pricematch my phone but hesitant to call if it's indeed a mistake.

    Bought phone thru telesales for $399 with SERO plan
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    yea its normal. thats just what you have paid to get the phone. Once first bill kicks in you will be at normal.
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    I have had mine for about a week and a half or two weeks now and my bill shows MINUS 587.00. I have been through this so many times though, I know not to get excited about it.
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    I have negative 978.65 2 free-A900 $100-700p plus last months bill
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    Too bad you can't cash out and head to Vegas
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    Telesales always applies what you pay for a phone to your balance and then bills you for it on your next invoice.
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    I received my Sprint Treo 700p last Friday, and I'm not sure if I am going to keep it --- doing a test run.
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    Are you guys sure this is normal where they take away the credit after the 1st bill. Does it actually show the credit and adjustment of the phone on your bill? The reason I ask is because I called a CSR regarding a separate issue, and right after the call my $399 credit is gone. Could this be a coincidence?

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