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    First time I've had this problem - my voicemail icon isn't displaying after someone leaves a message. Didn't realize how much I rely on that visual...til it was gone.

    Not sure if software I've installed is creating conflict for some reason (ony loaded KeyCaps, VolumeCare, SplashID and and BackupBuddyVFS), or something else is causing the issue.

    Anyone else experiencing this? Suggestions??

    Thanks in advance for your input,
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    Just noticed I had 5 new messages over the past couple of days with no icon visible. Just tried powercycling the phone. Only additional programs are VeriChat and Mundu IM (evalling both) Anyone else?
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    Yea, just noticed that I've been missing voicemail icon & LED notification for a few days. Calling Sprint right now it see if they can tell me anything.

    I've installed CityID Log (eval), Butler (removed it already though), and a card game.
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    Yes, I have not been getting voicemail alerts for 3 days now. I live in the Los Angeles area.
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    This has been happening to me as well. I wonder what the problem is.

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