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    I've done a little research on this and I'd like to get more widespread input.

    The keyboard backlight on some 700p's appears to be brighter, whiter, and more uniform than on others. On my first 700p, it almost seemed that one of the LED's was out. Half the keyboard was yellowish and blotchy, even at full brightness. I've since exchanged it, and the new one is much better, but still not perfect. The U, J, N, and ALT keys (in a line) are noticeably dimmer than most of the other keys, as are the Q and A keys.

    I looked at several new 700p's, and none of the ones I saw were perfect. All had dim areas and some were more yellow than others. However, I've talked to a couple of owners online who say that their backlight is all white and uniform. Are they just not as obsessive compulsive as I am?

    From what I can tell, the blotchiness/yellowish hue is normal on 650's. Is it normal on 700's as well?
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    the keys towards the center of my keyboard look very purplish... YUI and HJK
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    my wifes keys are a different color than mine. they have more blue in their color. I would say that they are the same brightness and are very uniform (as far as I can tell) but they are definately a different color. Hers just came in today so I am not sure if that color will change as time goes on. Mine is a couple weeks old.
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    another thing that I noticed is that her screen is alot "whiter" than mine. We both chose the same color theme and her whites looked alot "whiter" than mine. hmmm, know anyway to adjust my whites?
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    I didn't really notice this until I got my second 700p, but the first one has a bluer keyboard backlight than the second unit, which is the more yellow one. When I keep them apart, I eventually get used to either one - in other words, they both look "white". It's only when I see them next to each other that I really notice the "bluishness" or "yellowishness" of the lights.

    I'm curious how these variances compare to the 650 - I read a review of the 700p that says, "The backlighting on the keyboard and buttons has been improved with blue outlines on the app keys and a brighter, more consistent white illumination on the qwerty keypad". So, what I'm wondering is, which one - the blue-ish one or the yellow-ish one, is the "improved" one.

    Personally, I can't decide which one I like better. The yellower of the two is a little "warmer" while the blue one may be a little "cooler" looking. Both appear to be the same brightness and the uniformity, while not perfect, is about the same. The main thing that bugs me about both units is the backlight "bleed" that shows through above the middle of the space bar and the other bottom row keys. I've seen other units that don't do this – at least not very much - but mine do. I guess it’s just how the rubber keypad "sits" inside the phone...

    Anyway, if anyone knows which backlight color is the new, “improved” one, I’d love to know.

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    The first 700p I had, in which the entire left side of the keyboard was squeaky, had a pinkish backlight on most of the keyboard while the upper right quadrant in the P-O-L area was bluish. I took it back to Verizon for the squeaky key problem and had it replaced. The new one has no squeaky keys and the keyboard is pretty uniformly lit and a bluish hue (no pink, thank god).

    I don't know which one is newer, but it's reasonable to expect that the Treo's aren't all manufactured with identical components. Usually the same component comes from more than one supplier in order to secure adequate supply or to insure against dependency on a single supplier. It's possible that some units contain parts from one supplier and others from another supplier batch. Neither one is bad, they are just from different batches.

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