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    Hi All, I am very frustrated and hope someone can help me with this issue. I work for a public school district and took a bunch of impromptu videos the last day of school with my Treo 650. I want to get them onto my PC and then edit them into one video to show at a faculty meeting next year. Some of the videos are awesome! (Just luck!)

    Anyway, I can get them into my Palm Desktop but then I can't get them anywhere else where I can edit them with other software. It is as if they are invisible. I can't import them into the editing program because I can't find them--no, they are NOT where they are supposed to be (in a palmone media folder).

    When I view them within the Palm Desktop I CAN play them but I CAN'T save them because the "Save As" button is grayed out. In fact, all of the editing buttons are grayed out. I have a $25.00 book by QUE on using your Treo 650 and it does not even address this problem.

    Not everyone just wants to e-mail the video clips "as is." I want to edit them and combine them into one "movie" with captions, background music, etc. But I just can not get TO them other than WITHIN the Palm Desktop and since I can NOT save them I can't get them saved anywhere where I MIGHT be able to import them.

    I hope I have explained this clearly enough for someone to recognize the problem, as it SOUNDS ridiculous, but honestly, it doesn't seem that way when you can't get the buttons to "un-gray" so you can use them. I would REALLY appreciate any help you could provide. Thank you.
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    Can you email them (or upload them with picturemail?) If so, you could save them on a computer that way and then edit them all together with another program.
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    I don't do a whole lot of videos, but I took a quick one as a test and then sync'd up.

    I found the file in C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\My Documents\My Videos\Palm Videos\[sync ID]\Expansion Card xxx\Palm\Video_061306_001.3g2

    Hope this helps.
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    Yes, that was very helpful. I did a Custom Synchronization and said for the Handheld to override the Desktop and I got the videos loaded onto my desktop. They are all apparently in Quicktime format as they all have blue "Q"'s on them.

    However, when I opened Windows Movie Maker and tried to import a video it gave me the following message:

    The file C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\My Videos\PalmOne Videos\RM\Expansion card 504c\Video_052506_001.3g2 is not a supported file type, and it cannot be imported into Windows Movie Maker.

    Any further suggestions? THANKS !!!!
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    They won't import into WMM because Windows Movie Maker only really understands .DV files from camcorders.

    The Treo records to the .3GPP format, which is a common format across video phones. Quicktime understands this format and that's how they play on QT.

    Bear with me here, as I use a Mac and these tools are readily available for that platform....

    Your best bet is to pay the $$ to Apple for QT Pro. That will allow you to export that format to DV and you then can use WMM or even QT's tools to edit it.

    Or you can search for FFMPEG (that's what I use on OS X) and have it transcode to .DV. I beleive there is an app called VirualDub for the PC that will do something similar.
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    OK, Now I have downloaded SUPER by eRightSoft to encode the Quicktime video files from the Treo 650 into files that can be read by the WIndows Movie Maker. SUPER will work in that it transforms the files into RealPlayer files. At least they change from having blue Q's on them to having indigo r's on them. Anyway, the resulting video is "speeded up" like an old-time black-and-white silent movie.

    Anyone familiar with this and how to tweak the settings on SUPER so that the output looks just like the input, but in a format that Windows Movie Maker can read? It seems like I take a couple of steps forward and a couple of steps back. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!
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    "Or you can search for FFMPEG (that's what I use on OS X) and have it transcode to .DV. I beleive there is an app called VirualDub for the PC that will do something similar."

    Could you elaborate on this. I don't understand what it means. Sorry, this is my first time trying anything like this. Thanks for your help.

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