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    I've had a Krusell case previously and enjoyed its high quality.

    Just got this Horizontic Plus case for my Treo 700p. The case looks very nice and is high quality leather. There is one fatal flaw, however, that may not have existed when using this case with the 650. At least 50% of the time, when I remove the Treo from the case, the power button is pressed, and the Treo turns on. Not too bad, unless I'm answering a call, in which case the call is terminated.

    I hate to send this case back, but for me, it's just unusable. I believe the power button is raised higher on the 700p than on the 650 or the 700w, which is probably what is causing the problem.

    Just thought I'd share my experience ...
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    Funny but I have the same problem with my new Palm side case and the new 700p, I slide the phone into the case and about half the time I hear the darn phone-off music. With my case I can point the keys toward the outside and the problem is less severe. I think this is a combination of the new red power button and the inside storage pocket on the palm leather side case.
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    I also own a Krusell Horizontic Plus case for my Treo 700p. I end up hanging up on half the people who call me because the red phone button is getting pressed when I slide the phone out the case. The case is the best looking, best featured case I have found, and it was hard to find as no one has them in stock. Don't know what to do about this, remap the red phone button, try a different case..??
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    Well, this gives me pause on buying a 700P for Christmas. I am a horizontal side case user -- and the 650 has been fine for 22 months. If two horizontal cases are giving the 700P fits -- I know not what I will do. I may have to hang on to this old case that looks like xxxx after 22 months.

    Hmmm. . . . . .
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    Try the Covertec Horizontal. I've had mine since my Treo 600 days (about 3 yrs now) and it is still in great shape. I takes a week or two to properly "mold" to the Treo, but after that it is perfect.
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    I am a longtime user of the Krussel Classic Case. I have one on both my 650 and 700p. Just some minor annoyances with this case but it is fully functional. There are only 2 times I have to take the Treo out of the case: 1. to change SD card or 2. Push the reset button.

    The advantages:
    - The only case I've seen where you never have to take out of case to use, from hip to hand to head.
    - Can always see who's calling without flipping open a cover.
    - kb/screen/phone easy to use in case
    - good treo scratch protection - all areas, including screen, keyboard, and edges except antenna.

    - Openings for speaker/mic slightly misaligned to 700p - doesn't cause sound problems
    - Cutouts for headset, power, and usb connector are misaligned to both the 650 and 700p - making it a little inconvenient to attach those accessories and for the accessories to stay plugged in solidly, esp. if wearing your Treo.
    - Treo gets hotter in the case than it would with no case.
    - Have to remove Treo to change SD card, battery, or access reset button.

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