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    I bought Handmark's Pocket Express over the weekend with the 20% discount at (btw, still 20% off on ALL software thru today).

    I received an email from Handmark with instructions on entering my email address and password. HOWEVER, it seems pocket express on the 700P is based on the cell phone number, NOT email address. If I enter the requested info on the 1st "buy" screen, it then asks for a credit card.

    It seems like the systems handmark uses is "off," with the web or wifi based units accepting email address, but the 700P not.

    I've written handmark, but still no response from them.... Anyone aware of how to resolve this?
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    Please let us all know if you get a response. Handmark has not been answering any problems on Pocket Express (On Demand, same program) for the last 2 weeks.

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