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    I've found a happy mix with the right programs for my needs on my 650. Even though I don't add and remove programs often are there any routine maintenance tasks that I need to do to keep my Treo running properly? Will an occasional soft resest clean things up? Is there such as thing as defragging a Treo?
    Thanks in advance for your input; this forum rocks!
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    Congratulations on finding the mix of apps that works for you. If you don't add/remove apps often or fiddle around with things, and your Treo is generally stable, you shouldn't have to do much. The periodic soft reset can help clear up some issues (such as dbCache problems after backups).

    I'm pretty satisfied with my setup and the only things I do routinely are making sure that messages, SMS, and Blazer's cache are getting deleted. So, I backup and soft reset occasionally (couple of times a month) and things seem to be fine.
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