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    my phone cannot connect to the verizon network. i have tried the hard reset and nothing changes, i just go through the whole set-up menus. when i hold the red end button the phone always goes to the verizon welcome screen and it reboots. any ideas out there of what could be the problem?
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    bad hardware. Especially if this happens after a hard reset.
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    does that mean my only choice is to get a new one?
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    Quote Originally Posted by smplyorignal
    does that mean my only choice is to get a new one?
    Just take it into Verizon. I doubt you can fix it yourself.
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    Might try a hard reset too, maybe you installed an overlay file or something that's incompatable?
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    Try taking the battery out for about a minute and see if that works. Its worth a shot, sometimes this has worked for me on other devices when they could not find the network.


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    Do a SOFT reset subsequent to a hard reset...
    Game over!

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