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    I can see the name of the track fine while playing in Pocket Tunes, but I woud like to see the Artis then the track. Like this: "Smashmouth - Holiday" instead of just "Holiday." Any one know how to do this?
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    That's strange...the title, artist, album and track number all scroll on my Pocket Tunes. Maybe it depends on the skin you are using, or whether or not you have Pocket Tunes Deluxe, I do. I am using a skin called "Modern Blue".

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    This from a post in the Pockettunes Yahoo group. What you see in PTunes depnds on the skin and the information coded for the fields in the ID3 tags of the mp3 file.

    For MP3 files we display the following metadata, if it exists:
    > Category,
    > Subtitle,
    > OriginalAlbum,
    > Album,
    > Track,
    > Part,
    > SetSubtitle,
    > ISRC,
    > Artist,
    > Band,
    > Conductor,
    > InterpretedBy,
    > OriginalArtist,
    > Lyricist,
    > OriginalLyricist,
    > Composer,
    > Musicians,
    > InvolvedPeople,
    > EncodedBy,
    > BPM,
    > Key,
    > Language,
    > FileType,
    > MediaType,
    > Mood,
    > Copyright,
    > Produced,
    > Publisher,
    > Licensee,
    > RadioStation,
    > RadioStationOwner,
    > For WMA files, we show:
    > Genre
    > TrackNumber
    > Composer
    > Producer
    > AuthorURL
    > AlbumTitle
    > Year
    > For OGG files, we show all the metadata.
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    Thanks guys but I do have Pocket Tunes Deluxe and have all of that metadata. I know because when I tap on the active song it pops up a window displaying Artist, Album, Track, and year. I just cannot get those itmes to appear in the playlist area of the screen. Maybe it is the skin but none of the several I have seem to display anything but the song title. I will try emailing Pocket Tunes support.

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