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    I have noticed that not many of the threads I searched on are very recent, so I thought I would ask the question again. Besides Trip Boss, can anyone recommend a good travel itinerary app to record flight, hotels, rental cars, etc. I used to use Gulliver years ago, but I do not think it around anymore, and if it is, I am a bit skeptical ablout putting it on the 700p. Any suggestions.
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    WorldMate Professional is fantastic, but so is its price ($75 PER YEAR). As much as I love it, I cannot justify the high "subscription" price. You can find it at
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    I have to second that - WorldMate Professional is truly a great program.
    I am not renewing the subscription this year as I am not traveling as much as I used to and have instead bought the WorldMate X program. Of course, it does not offer itinerary functions. If mobimate would just lower the price to below $50 I would be all over it.

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