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    Anybody elses bluetooth randomly turning itself off? I'll have it on with my headset paired up and I'll look at the phone to check the time or something and the bluetooth will be completely off.
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    Is BT turning off, or just not connected to the headset? Connecting to the headset is a known issue, and most manufacturers are issuing new versions of their headsets to be compatible with the 700p
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    Bluetooth is turning off, as in hey, look at me I'm on right and connected and now look at me I'm COMPLETELY off. It's rather annoying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by infinitemethod
    Bluetooth is turning off, as in hey, look at me I'm on right and connected and now look at me I'm COMPLETELY off. It's rather annoying.
    Same here!! I thought I was imaging things!!

    It seems that the device is disabling bluetooth when the battery reaches a certain level, and then it never turns it back on.

    Anyone else have this issue?
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    Palm BT implementation has always been poor.

    Often BT dies and needs an "off-on" cycling to come back.
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    Mine has turned off twice now... And both times the battery has been over 70%.
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    My battery is fine so that isn't my issue. My bluetooth on my 650 worked perfectly. Hmmm.
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    My 700p nor my 650 ever turned off without my input
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    I've had this issue when the 700p is paired with my Jabra BT130 headset. It does not seem to happen when I'm paired with my Palm Treo headset.
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    Many people here have been experiencing and reporting this problem...
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    My Audi's Blue tooth connection goes off randomly with the Treo 700p also. Bluetooth is turn on and visability is set to visible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BikeBoy
    My 700p nor my 650 ever turned off without my input
    Please let us know the Brand and Model # of your Bluetooth headset
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    Bluetooth turn off by itself if your battery dies. Its automatic in treo700p. But yes it sometimes turn off by itself without any issue with battery. Weird.
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    I have not had the disconnects people report and I've read about losing your pairing and having to do a soft reset. While it's great that the 700 can handle multiple bluetooth connections, it seems to temporarily lose it's pairing at times. Will try to explain without rambling.
    I use four bluetooth devices with my Treo - computer, headset, car, and gps receiver. Car and headset behave simlilarly. If I connect my headset, use it, disconnect it and switch directly to my gps receiver, I will sometimes have to reestablish the pairing. If I then go back to my headset, I may get it to connect, but the audio won't transfer until I do a soft reset. Happens with my computer as well.
    I notice that if I use my headset, disconnect it, and use no other bluetooth devices on a given day, I can reconnect the headset with no additional steps.
    Yes, perhaps I'm beating a dead horse and describing more ways that bluetooth is not 100%, but the behavior is consistent. It works - it just takes me multiple steps to get things connected despite the fact that all of these devices are paired.
    As an FYI, I'm using the Moto H500 (tried a bunch, seems to work best for me), globalsat 339, my mac and the car is a volvo.
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    I had disconect issues with my JX10 Jabra. I returned the Jabra for a new one and I seem to be having better luck. The salesman at BestBuy told me that they had several returns and realized that they had some bad ones in there last batch.
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    I was about to do a hard reset and try my Bluetooth headset on a naked 700p, then I decided to try one more thing first and seems to have worked. With my Scala 500 in pairing mode I went to bluetooth menu on the 700 on the drop down list I chose "Trusted Devices" tap "Find More" and let the 700p discovery the scala 500 and put it in the "Trusted Devices" list. Every since I've been able to this, discovery has not been a problem and as yet I haven't expierenced any "Disconnects"

    Will keep you posted!!
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    I have the same problem with my Motorola H300....

    1. It seems that if your headset and 700p lose connection (b/c the BT headset gets out of range of the 700p), the connection will be severed and will not come back unless you either do a power cycle on the head set or a re-pairing or disable then re-enable BT on the 700p. My experience is that the connection re-establishes itself automatically on a 650.

    Instead of soft-reseting, I have been successful in re-establishing a connection to my headset by going into the Bluetooth app and cycling it from Enable to Disable and back to Enable. This seems to clear up the problems without a reset.

    Sprint Pre & Motorola H300 BT headset

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    All I have had to do to re-establish the 700p-Headset connection is push the Call Control button on the headset. In over a month and trying 6 different headsets, I have not had to power on/off, or turn Bluetooth on/off to re-make the connection.
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    FWIW, I'm having the same problem. The fact of the matter is: if I turn the bluetooth ON, it should STAY ON until I explicitly decide to turn it OFF. However, it is apparently turning itself off, at random, even with a full charge on the battery. THIS IS A MAJOR BUG!!!! My motorola phone never did this. IS THERE A FIX? If there is no fix, then Treo is junk and the 700p is useless to me. What is the next best (non-treo) choice that works if I opt to exchange the Sprint 700p for something else from Sprint?
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    hmm i was hoping the 700p would not do this because when i had the 6700 it would turn off as well and i would have to pair it back up again. ggrr

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