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    I have a skinCase for my 700p and I talked to Seidio and it seems that 700p wont fit into G4100M CAR KIT this way. just wondering if anyone have any good sugguetion for solutions.

    I have the Seidio skinCase+reset cover+holister and It works perfectly for me. until I found out that it won't fit in the CAR KIT( Make sense but still disappointed) what's worst is siedio is no plan to make some kind of adapter or many a version that fit for it. so not I have to explore some other options la.

    Anyone has tried to trim it down to fit??
    I am still debating if I should try to buy it anyways and sand/trim it down to make it fit.
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    It's adjustable, but no power ...

    Boxwave Mobile Mount

    Proclip has several options, some with power options ...

    Proclip for palm
    Bo Meyer
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    I would suggest the powered Akron mount that you can opt for when buying a GPS from Semsons. You can buy it separtely also. Costs a fraction. It has a speaker, a usb power connector for the treo and is adjustable. With a skinned treo, it holds very well. Love it. And, comes with a GPS charging cord. Charges the treo while on and plugged in.

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