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    Has anyone gotten the 700p show on the "Services" list in iTunes after downloading the plugin from Audible? I've got a MacBook Pro and cannot seem to get it to work.
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    I'm not sure why you're asking about services -- the treo shows up under Sources, right above the playlists. You have to have the audible app on the treo running, in communication mode.
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    Thanks. Yeah, I meant Source. I found out that the plugin has not yet been modified for universal binary (Intel-based Macs).
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    you should be able to open up iTunes in rosetta then...force it to run under the powerPC emulator...then that should allow the plugin to run...

    Just rightclick on itunes in your applications folder, and click on "Get INfo"...from there you can change it to run in rosetta (PowerPC) which should then allow iTunes to run the Audible PowerPC plugin.
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    Thanks for the idea, adamstew, but I can't find in "Get Info" where I can select it to be able to run via PowerPC (Rosetta). Any help?

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