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    i come from the ppc-6700 and am tired of missing calls. i know the treo has problems as well but i have heard the phone part is dependable.

    my first concern is with the switch. i have vision with my 6700 for $10 a month. it the $20 vision with unlimed data for half price. thay gave it to me for half price cause thay couldn't give me sprint tv or mms due to the phone i was buying.

    i was asking for POWER vision for sprint tv to be added to my account. i wanted the unlimited ( or version which i though was $25 a month. she said " you all ready have the power vision with unlimited data that will give you sprint tv when you get the new phone. all i have to do is call to activeate it when i recieve the phone. what do you guys think? could i have the POWER vision unlimited right now on my 6700 and not know it? could i be lucky enough to get all this for $10 a month?

    thanks for any help or insight, cody
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    I get it right now for $0 a month. I was one of those that got unlimited vision and text messaging on both mine and my wifes phones for free with my plan. They tried to make me upgrade when I got mine and my wifes 700p's but I told them that I didnt want to change my plan at all. She said that internet probabbly wouldnt work, but I told her I didnt want it changed and she said ok. Voila, Internet works just as it did on our 650's.

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    This thread should answer your questions. A search for 'sprinttv' returns many others.

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