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    I tried to install my palm treo 650 on my newly formatted hard-drive via hotsync, and I got this error:

    Windows could not load the installer for {784126C0-4190-11D4-B5C2-00C04F687A67}. Contact your hardware vendor for assistance.

    I requested it check the microsoft online database for the drive to no avail, then the original Windows XP CD and the PalmOne CD I got with my Treo and got the same results. I installed the newest version of palm desktop prior to this.

    Any ideas guys? Thanks in advance.
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    This sounds like a problem most of us encounter. Here's the fix, if it's the same error:

    If you try to reinstall software from your Palm CD and encounter Error 1316, go to Palm's Knowledgebase:

    In option 2 "Search by Soluttion ID", enter 17525.

    That explains the error and has a link to the Microsoft Knowledgebase and a download for the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility. Don't know why this happens, but it seems to happen fairly often but is very easy to fix and works like a charm.
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