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    lol.... do u have the Sprint or Verizon version? If you have the Sprint version it does AAC (m4a) ringtones natively. The Verizon version has some people doing some backflips but it still seems to work.
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    since I started the thread, I thought I'd chime in and say now that I've had my 700p for 2 days, indeed it is better. The volume on the 650 was one area that drove me nuts. The 700 has a different equalization to it, is louder, and may even have some dynamics compression to help you hear the person you're talking to. Much improved and no longer a problem for me. So far so good on the 700p! Thank you for all the replies.
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    i have sprint 700p, and I own VC but I don't have it installed on my 700p. I feel that the volume is loud enough out of the box.
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