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    I've had the 700P for about a week now with Verizon and the reception is terrible. Lots of static and calls drop and fade in and out. This happens with the handset and a bluetooth headset.
    I'm in NYC, so service should not be a problem.

    Anyone else have poor reception or similar problems? It could just be a lemon. Planning to swap it out for a new one to test, but just wanted to check the forums, just in case.

    (Please don't turn this into a Sprint v Verizon thread argument!)
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    while I don't live in NYC...I live in some suburb of chicago that is like...theres nothing out here and somehow I have evdo...but the signal I get is FANTASTIC. I've never had something so clear before.
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    I have Sprint here in Texas and the reception is awesome. Crystal clear and I'm usually at 6 bars.
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    Significantly better than with my 650
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    Central wisconsin, much better reception than 650, it was roaming in my house on 650 with the latest prl and now I have 2-3 bars on 700.
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    I'm in Northern VA, and haven't had any problems
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    i am in northern NJ and no problems with my VZW 700P. might be the signal reflection and large repeater usage in NYC?
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    The static is because of your BT headset. Don't use it then test again for the same issues. Treos don't have the best BT.
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    Mine Sprint 700p is much better than my Sprint 650 was.
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    Thanks for the feedback everyone. Here's hoping it's just a lemon!
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    Brooklyn NY, Sheepshead Bay to be specific. The reception is much better than the 650. I get 5 bars almost all the time with EVDO always available as well.
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    Using my 700p in Manhattan, I get better reception than with the 650. In particular, I'm getting voice and EVDO on subway platforms where the 650 got no reception.
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    My Sprint 700p has far better reception then my Sprint Treo 600. At least an average of 2 or 3 bars.
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    My 700p on Sprint is very good in Reno NV, Unfortunatly NO EVDO here yet. The phone works great and I have had very few dropped called calls so far. The battery life is not so hot when I use the phone real heavy- I'm going to try and cut back on the send receive every 15 min. and see if that helps the bat last longer.
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    my 700p gets significantly better reception than my 600 did here in orange county, CA
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    I'm in Las Vegas. In the city, EVDO is great, and call quality is great. At home, EVDO goes in and out several times a minute. I must be right on the fringe. But call quality is still perfect. I got all the bars lit up at home and in town.

    Unfortunately, battery life is terrible. I can go to sleep with 80% charge and wake up with 30%. I'm not connected to the web, but I still wonder if switching between EVDO and 1xrt so much is eating away at my battery.
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    I am in Michigan and my 700p under sprint has amazing reception...even out in the land of deliverance...
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    Reception with my Sprint 700p seems about identical to my Sprint 650. I had a weak signal at my desk in my office building and it's still weak with my 700p.
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    I have both sitting next to each other right now and 650 has 2-3 bars 700p All 5. STL MO
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    At my office on 50th & Seventh Ave. and at home on the Upper West Side, the reception/Power Vision on the 700p with Sprint is impressive.
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