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    I am using Chatteremail with the EX plugin. I have been trying to find a way to have my sent mail folder "pushed" the same way my inbox is. Is there a way to make this happen. If not, is this going to be included in the very near future? To be more specific, I need ALL sent items to show up on my Treo whether they were sent from the Treo or from my desktop computer.

    I know everyone in this thread will think the 700w is total garbage and the POutlook that is included is useless, but that is one of the things it does well. I am looking for reason to keep the 700p over the 700w but not having my sent items synced is a big issue for me.
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    Just use "New Mailbox" to create a Mailbox in Chatter that points to your Sent Items folder.


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