My family consulting business (financial services) is a heavy user of treos adjusting for the firm's size. We have had generally good experiences and dependability with the 650 on the Verizon system. I have upgraded two of the lines to the 700p in order to provide for broadband access on our laptops at all client sites. That feature seems to work really well. However, both phones have the same problem. They freeze with a great deal of regularity (several times a day) when using the SMS application or when similtaneously attempting to draft an SMS message and then a call comes in. Occassionally the 700p has frozen when a call is ended. One of the 700p's has a 1 gigbit card in it and the other is running on standard memory. Neither is loaded with additional pictures or apps but rather vanilla out of the box installations. The freeze generally lasts about 30 seconds. On one occassion I had to do a soft reset. Any idea of what might be causing this freezing problem? Any OS updates to correct this problem? Palm admitting any problems here? ( I search the Verizon and Palm sites without any references to this problem.

In response to other themes I have seen in 700 postings, the 700p is slower at some apps and quicker in others. The battery life is awlful compared to 650 but in our business that is not as a big a deal as the doctors posting their experiences. I haven't noticed any memory problems unless the big freeze above is a memory problem. Their have been some application modifications that are much more efficent and couple that simply make things more complicated (new SMS messages to new contacts).