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    I'm not sure if this is a repost or not. But i finally figured out how to make your own ringtones to work w/ the treo. I first changed the wav fil to a small format. I used MS sound recorder and changed the wav file to be 11khz and 8bit mono. I figured this out by looking at the recordable ringtones properties. I uploaded a wav file (to device) w/ bluetooth (a sd card may work). After that i used FILEZ and changed some of the properties to match a recording. as such:

    Name: rename to what ever ringtone you want
    Type: QCPf
    Creater: HsTo

    Attrs (checked)
    App Info Dirty

    After those setting are changed, you should see it as a ringtone. I haven't tried this w/ anything else yet. Here's a sample of the aim ringtone for messaging.
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    Good post. Here's a way to do it with email/voice memo.
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    Seems when I add wavs, when played some are getting chopped off at the end.

    Is anyone else seeing this?
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    Hey Krock, check the reply I made in the previous ringtone thread. the solution to this is to add a little blank space to the end of the wav file. For instance, I love the Monty Python "Message foe you sir" wav, but it kept getting cut off before it was finished. I think I added 1 second of blank space to the end and it worked great. I also found that with ringtones, especially somthing like an old phone, that putting 2500 ms of blank space at the end properly balances the times between subsiquent rings. Good Luck
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    bit_bucket, I'm having the same problem with the end getting chopped off. What program are you using to add the blank space at the end?
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    There is a great little program I found called wav2tones. It converts .wav files to treo ringtones. You just load a snippet of a wav file onto the treo then it converts it to a native ringtone.

    It works great for small snippets, but I wouldn't use it for whole songs...
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    bit_bucket, the monty python wav is the same wav file I like for SMS messages... so what proggie do you recommend for adding blank space?
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    noodle, do you have any problems with wav2tones files getting cut off? I downloaded the trial and liked it but since it limits the wav file to the first 100k, I can't test the wav file that keeps getting cut off for me.
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    ok, so audacity worked - I added the1 second of silence to the end and now it plays the all of the sound in the wav file. The weird thing is that both Techsounds and voicememo will play the entire wav without the 1 second added. What is up with that?
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    Krock, I use a program I downloaded called WavePad. It is trialware, but is completly unlocked until the trial is up. You can find it over at You then open your sound file (any sound file) in it. To inset silence click Edit->Insert Silence->End. Just add about a second of silence. Next choose File->Save File As. Save as type wav. Click save and a dialouhe box pops up that allows you to do custom options for your wav file. I select PCM format with 11.025 kHz, 8 Bit, Mono. This makes a perfect file for the Treo. Next use your favorite method of loading the ringtone, and your set. Also, if you PM me, once I get back from the east (tomorrow) I can email you the tone I have since it is exactly the one you were going to use. I also have Old Phone that is formatted in such a way as to work on a Treo, IE proper delay between rings. I will send that to anyone who wants it.
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    no, never had a problem with it cutting off. I ussually cut a wav file just right so it loops when it rings. But I've never had it just cut out early.

    I think the phone application, or the sound application chokes up on really large files though, so I try to keep them small. Although it ussually produces a loop in the 600-800k range, so the 100k limit is probably whats doing it.

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