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  • Built-in Palm OS launcher

    42 37.84%
  • 3rd Party Application Launcher

    69 62.16%
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    Curious to see what application launchers everyone is using. Do you use a 3rd party app or the built-in one.
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    WooHoo... 3rd party is dominating this poll!

    Presently: LauncherX 1.2.17 for me.
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    Long time ZLauncher user.
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    I have a licence for ZLauncher and Megalauncher but I only use the one built in . I spent 20 minutes setting up ZLauncher when my T700 arrived but then deleted it a few days later,,,,,, the're just not needed.

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    ZLauncher. I used it on my 650. I like the UI, the ability to customize and the file manager is excellent.
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    LauncherX rules.
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    ZL its a great file manager with delete entire prog function, makes shortcuts to home screen, has cool skins, plugins - today, calender, yada yada yada. Very responsive support. Look at how fast they brought out the beta to help us 700p folks.
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    I wish there was a weather plugin without having to do a trial of 4 cast for ZL. Oh well.
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    Launcher X all the way.
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    I used to use LauncherX. Tried Zlauncher quite a few times and never really likes it.

    Finally I spent time however and like the fact that I can have plugins (Today) on a tab as well as be able to change the ico for programs. Built in browser is a plus with zip files as well as the fact that I can run things from the card.

    I modifies the look to be simpler than the bas and overall I now like it a lot.
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    OT: is there a way to make URL shortcuts in ZLauncher? to?
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    Very long time LauncherX user (launch'em and launcheriii days). It is not bloated, lets me access what is on the card and create "shortcuts" to what is on the card so that conduits still work.
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    Combination of Resco Explorer and HiLauncher.
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    Built-in Palm OS launcher. The only thing missing for me personally is the ability to assign different icons. Other than that, I like the built-in launcher.
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    The combination of LauncherX and McPhling on my phone(s) has been unbeatable! Tried ZLauncher and it was a nice launcher.....FOR ME TO **** ON! (spoken as Triumph the insult comic dog)
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    Initate for me....
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    Used LauncherX for the 600...
    Used ZLauncher for the 650...
    Went back to LauncherX on my 700p.
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    I thought Launcher X was going to be final today??
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