I bought an Alltel 650 from an eBay bidder a few days ago. They had a ton of them so I wasn't worried about being screwed over. I got the phone and it looked just like the Sprint PCS version on the outside. I checked the software and it even said SPCS not Alltel CDMA like it should have. I checked the serial and it was a Sprint phone.
So I took the phone to my buddy that works at Alltel and he said the phone was a Sprint phone and wouldn't work since the PCS is on a different freq than the CDMA that Alltel uses. Well I looked on the phone and there was a ROM updater software. I tried it and it updated the Rom to use Alltel towers. I got the phone working with the service but I was curious if this is normal at all.
The sound seems a little weird as well. It's not as clear as my old phone on the same service. Is the rom emulating CMDA or something?
Also I would like to update the phone to the newest updates and what not but I'm not sure if I should download the Sprint software or the Alltel software. Thanks for any help!