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    Yes, I reluctantly retired my i500 for a brick. Thought I would see if I could get some use out of my prototype holster for times I don't want it in the Sena leather skin. It was originally designed for the 650, but was since updated with a velvet lining for protection and more typical rotating spring clip. The pics you see show the prototype with the multidapt which is not available. They did away with them for the most part. The ratcheting spring clip is nice because you have the option of wearing it horizontal or vertical depending on necessity or preference. Also, to avoid popping out the sd card, this is a top loading design meaning you slide the treo in top first and then click it in at the bottom. It might feel initially awkward at first to do it this way, but it becomes second nature after a few days. I don't understand how a third generation phone doesn't have a modified card slot by now so that accidental pop outs won't happen. Any questions, let me know.

    If you're looking for a car solution, custom holders are available. If you're using your Treo with a skin or some other type of play through case, they make a sweet adjustable holder as well. Actually works well with DAP's too. I'll save you anywhere from 15-20% off of ProClip's prices (for those that aren't aware).

    Below are some pics with my 700p as well as the stock photo. You can order it via my link in the sig. Pic one shows it resting outside the clip at the bottom. A simple push locks it in.
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    Cant you use the wrap funtion? May be easier for all to read.
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    Does it rub or make marks on the phone? Does the velvet make it bulky or stick to your clothes? Any risk for the phone falling out? It looks like it grips the phone over the connector at the bottom. Does it look like it'll damage the connector after a while?
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    The velvet coating was done to prevent wear on the phone. It's been out over a year now, and I haven't received any complaints nor read about them over on pdaphonehome from people that have bought them about wear marks. There hasn't been any damage to the connector either. It's been this type of design since the 600. And, the velvet coating doesn't add any bulk. It's very minimal. It's also very soft and will not cling to clothes, unless you have some wierd static cling thing going on...haha.

    And the post isn't that wide (in my opinion). It's as wide as the widest picture. Pics to big? I didn't think so at the time. I'm only at 70% of my screens width with the window.
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    I have the padded proclip holster...It is nice to protect the finish on the phone itself. One problem I've been finding is that the keyboard buttons as well as the on/off button are pressed against the felt padding and leaves an imprint on the felt/velvet. Because they are "touching" the felt, the phone can power on and off and you might not know it. I kinda reverted back to my hard proclip treo 600 holster even thou the bottom part doesn't wrap over the hotsync connection area at the base of the phone. However, it still seems to be secured tightly.

    Crogs571: do you sell a hard version (non felt version) for the treo 700/650? I don't care about the finish because I swap out my phones with the sprint warrantee about every 1.5 years anyways. Thanks.
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    Hey there!

    I've had the ProClip T600 holster for most of the several years I've had my T600, and I've loved it. I had really wanted a swivel clip at the time, but the added thickness of multidapt swivel clip over the fixed clip just wasn't worth it (I didn't like the phone sticking that far out from my hip).

    I'm getting a 650 as a replacement, but I expect to be getting a 700p soon (as a real phone purchase), so I'm looking at holsters again.

    You mentioned in the first post (and the pics show) a different clip for the holster, and that its a swivel clip. I gather that we'll no longer have a choice as to whether we want the swivel or the fixed clip? And it sounds like it's an entirely different clip system anyway, far off your hip does this swivel clip put the phone?

    Thanks in advance!
    => Shadowhawk
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    They stopped making the non-padded version. I haven't heard any complaints on keypad pressure against the slightly raised velvet. If the keyguard is engaged though it should be a non-issue.

    The new clip is not a removable swivel, it is the more traditional ratcheting spring clip found on many holsters. It is slightly thicker than the multidapt version, but definitely not nearly as bulky as a removable swivel clip. I think the nice thing about it is that you can wear it horizontal or vertical depending on your mood, outfit and what not. With my multidapt one, if i'm wearing it more front than on the side, I wish I could wear it horizontally. With the new clip you get that option.
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    will the 700p holster fit the 650? I've got a 650 right now, but expect to get a 700p soon to replace it, so I'd rather not get two holsters if one will work.

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    yes it will. the holster in the pics is the 650 holster actually. I got it as a demo when they first started with the velvet coating which was long before the 700 came around.
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    Hey, so I stuck with the 650 rather longer than I thought, and I'm finally getting a 700p...though with the record Palm's got (documented here on TreoCentral) for not addressing the bugs/lags/etc. on the 700p...I might not keep it for long...

    In any case, my question about the padded proclip holster for the 700 (I just ordered it from you yesterday, heh...) is whether the side button gets pushed at all. I've been using my T600 holster with my 650, and it definitely pushes that side button...OTOH, the T600 didn't have a side button...

    Thanks for your work!
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    well one quick thing. It shipped today. I'll send you the tracking info in a few. It's been awhile since I tried the holster, but I don't believe it hit any of the buttons. Looking back at the photos, it didn't hit that lower side button. Was just covering it. Funny thing is, I don't think I've ever used that button...haha. I just like playthrough cases so I never really used the holster outside of testing it initially. You'll probably have yours before I can find it amidst all the boxes from when I moved. All you're out is shipping if you don't like it though. I don't remember hearing complaints about the buttons either. Hope that helps. Email me if you have problems.

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