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    I am on my third Treo700p and have had the same problem each time....resets out of nowhere even when im on a call, the error log (##733#) reads tht HTC error telephony that i posted prior...I REFUSE to believe that three phones call all be bad and have the exact same error... the ONLY other thing that occured to me today was that MAYBE since i had a treo 650 before and the software installed from 700p basically updated the cd stuff, could it be possible something that is auotmatically hotsyning is causing this? because its awlays an UNKNOWN application that causes the reset or so says the error log. How do i fix gets to the point everytiem eventually that my phone stops completely from getting anything incoming (calls, texts, voicmails) UNLESS im ON the phone, another words i can make an outgoing call and then ill get a call waiting but otherwise i dont get any incoming calls at all, whoever calls me gets 4-6 rings and my voicemails but i get NO incoming call...what do i do i desperately need help if someone call message me in detail me at smoothtalker1982...just doesnt seem like anyone else is having the same problem and i know many of u have upgraded from the 650 so why me???
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    do a hard reset... uninstall everything off your computer... delete the c:\program files\palm directory... and then reinstall.... you can also do a search on how to upgrade to a 700p from 650 on this forum... there are many posts where people have posted step by step details!

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