I am having an interesting problem when I try to sync my treo 600 with my outlook (XP)

my calender is working fine, but when it syncs the contacts, it is first writing all the contact in my outlook to my phone and then it syncs the changes I made.

So suppose I make a change in my outlook contacts, it will create a new record for it in my phone rather than just making the same change in the treo contacts.

When I add a new contact in treo, it adds to my outlook (which implies that the computer is not overwriting my treo for sure)

But strange thing is that if I make a change in my treo contacts, then that change is lost when I sync it because the existing contacts are overwritten by my outlook contacts.

I am not sure if I am explaining the situation properly. If I am not wrong, What should happen is that that the computer should update all the changes in phone and outlook, but what is happening is that the computer is first recreating all the contacts in the computer, and then it is taking all the new contacts in treo and adding it to outlook as well.

Not sure how to stop this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Abhas Agrawal