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    Mine says palmone - but it is rev c - so I assume fairly recent.

    i'm wondering, I try to take chattermail offline before cradling. chattermail turns the screen on (before it shuts down again.) I think it was on, by mistake, the other night. Maybe that's what overheated it? The constant syncing?

    Just a thought. I had no problems charging last night. chattermail was offline
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    Been using the Palm cradle with no problem for my 700P.
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    I had a cradle for my 650 that stopped working for syncing. I now use it just to charge. I bought a new cradle to sync.
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    I have a new palm cradle for my 700p as well as the Seidio extended battery. I've been experiencing some strange behaviors with batteries charging:

    - sometimes it takes forever for either green light to appear (on the device and on the cradle). I could place the device in the cradle at night and the light on the device and/or on the cradle will still be red in the morning.

    - regardless of which battery is in the device and which is in the extra compartment, the green light on the cradle will not stay green indefinitely - even if the battery in the extra compartment is fully charged. For example, I put the Seidio in my device last night and the original palm battery in the extra compartment and went to sleep. This morning, the light on the device was green and the light on the cradle was red. Then, before my eyes, it turned green, stayed that way for maybe 3-5 minutes, then turned red again, and repeated this cycle over and over. Then, as a test, I swapped the batteries. When I placed the Seidio in the extra compartment the light on the cradle immediately turned green. I then placed the phone, with the palm battery, in the cradle and the light on the Treo was red. Then, a moment later, the light on the Treo turned green and the one on the cradle turned red. However, unlike before, even though both batteries should be fully charged, the light on the cradle remains red - and it's not doing that 3-5 minute cycling between red and green that it did with the batteries swapped at least not yet. Jeez, does that make sense?

    Maybe when I place a battery in the extra compartment it's constantly "cycling" the battery (if that term applies), thus keeping it fresher? Maybe that would explain why the light doesn't stay green? Perhaps someone could explain how this thing is supposed to work and what the expected behavior should be.

    Also, does it harm either of the batteries to keep it in the extra compartment indefinitely?

    Much thanks,

    Palm Treo 755p with 2GB SanDisk microSD, Launcher X
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    My new Cradle Kit at first would not sync at all either with button or in Hotsync panel on Treo. Then after some "massaging" and pushing in of Treo 700p and cables it seems now to sync but only with the Hotsync SW not the button on the cradle.

    If it continues I will send it back for a new one.

    Does any other cradle charge a spare battery?

    Also how does one determine ones' revision (A, B, C, etc..) ?

    Sync and charge well, all.

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    bought 2 palm cradles in the 650 days, rarely failed connecting to the 650. now with 700p getting miserable connection rates - fails maybe 80percent of the time. For $60 you'd think the quality would be better.

    I'm gonna check the revision numbers. Thank Ja for AMEX extended warranty!
    Treo 755s in good condition available on ebay for $50-$75. No need to pay for insurance or buy a Pre.
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    The problem with this Palm Athena connector is it's terrible at staying firmly connected - to the cradle as well as the Treo.

    I think I've discovered the solution to having a reliable cradle hotsync every time: I took a hot glue gun and semi-permanently mounted the hotsync cable firmly into the cradle's incoming port. I lose the flexibility of being able to use the cable separately - but I have extra ones anyhow.

    Thusfar, every hotsync has been without issue - whereas before I was unable to sync 50-75% of the time without the frustrating process of jamming in both the cable and the Treo to the cradle several times until it worked.
    Treo 755s in good condition available on ebay for $50-$75. No need to pay for insurance or buy a Pre.
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    The few times I had problems syncing with the Palm cradle (w/ 650 or 700) the fix was to remove and reseat the cable from the bottom of the cradle. That fixed the problems everytime.

    But I bet I haven't done it more than 3 or 4 times in the last couple of years.
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    is it ok to keep the extra battery in there charging for any length of time?
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