Some questions for Blazer experts...

  • Does anybody know of a hack that would let me use the menu shortcuts in Blazer without having to press the menu key when I'm not typing inside a textfield?

    I'd like to press Y instead of menu+Y for history, O/W to toggle optimized/wide mode, etc. The trick for this hack would be to leave these keys alone when focus is inside a textfield. But most of my browsing is not within text fields and the keyboard is left unused. Am I going to have to wait for the Treo 750p with Blazer 5.0?

  • When I select "Connect VPN" within Blazer's menu, I get a curt little message very reminiscent of the "You should have shut down properly" message in Windoze 95/98 after rebooting from BSOD. Does anybody else use a VPN with Blazer? If so, which VPN tool are you using and do you get anything useful from Blazer's Connect VPN menu item?

    I wish this menu item activated my VPN software instead of telling me how to buy something that I've already purchased & installed on my Treo (i.e., MergicVPN)! Better yet, it could temporarily disable Blazer's use of Sprint's proxy so my VPN would work without having to disable the Sprint proxy manually.