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    I've been using Toccer since the 650 days, its free, works in the background, its great i used to use Verichat , its more eye candy but for almost $40 a year ill pass, Toccer is a great way to go, it doest use no Txt messages it works in the background and connects directly to AIM , no proxies or crap like that
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    Incoming IMs on Toccer crash my 700p. NEXT!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SonnyS
    Incoming IMs on Toccer crash my 700p. NEXT!
    Consistently? Every incoming IM or sporadically?
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    Toccer gets my vote too. I upgraded from the T600 to the VZW 700 and use the same version of Toccer I had on the T600. No problems at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SonnyS
    Incoming IMs on Toccer crash my 700p. NEXT!
    Mine actually works when I have the Toccer app in focus. But when I have another app in focus and have a message sent to my ID, the phone resets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DMad
    Consistently? Every incoming IM or sporadically?
    I believe it happens when Toccer is in the background.
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    SonnyS maybe your having apps conflicting, i've never had Toccer reset the phone , in the background or anytime and i run Toccer pretty much all day.
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    I installed AIM on my Treo 700p from and its stuck in an infinite loop of resets. How can I get that software off of my phone? I cant even get into it.

    Update: figured it out. Had to completely delete everything on my palm. Luckily it was all backed up from activesync. Make sure you never install AIM on a Palm Treo
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    Doesn't verichat work now?
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    toccer works fine for me on 700p no crashes or anything.
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    My partner's coworker also has a Treo 700p, and tried Toccer with the same results -- crash on incoming IM. The hacked Verichat works quite nicely, without the need for activation or serialization or anything. I recommnend searching for that thread and using that program -- it's superior to everything I've tried.

    If you use the hacked version, make sure you remove all previous Verichat files and databases before installing the hacked version. Some people who don't do this are having problems.
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    Keep in mind toccer uses data and the hacked verichat only works well in sms mode. So, your ultimate decision may be contingent on the type of plan you have.
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    Maybe Toccer has a new version out. Because I just downloaded it today and put it on my 700p and it works great.
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    I am such a dork... my Verichat has been running in "demo" mode without announcing that fact to me, so I ASSUMED I didn't need a license but I do. The demo functionality expires on July 9th. DAMMIT! I love the software, but I'm using the hacked version to get it to work on my 700p... why should I pay to license software that, without a hack, won't work on my 700p?

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    Toccer has been working fine for me, too.
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    While totally unimpressed with how PDAApps has handled the Verichat/700p issues, it should NOT be free because using it involves using their servers.
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    Here is a link to IM+.

    I have had it for a day using an AOL screen name with no problems. I have answered phone calls with it running----be sure to check Background Mode in options\preferences---and returned to it. It says it supports: MSN®, Yahoo!®, AOL™, ICQ®, Google® Talk and Jabber® also.

    I have tried TOCCER, and as with others here, it caused resets. This IM+ has a nice interface and runs well.

    It has a price tag of $30, but there are NO fees. This might be the one.......
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    I found this method of accessing AIM using the browser. It works fine for being free. Here are the steps:

    - go to the Sprint Vision homepage
    - click 1. Messaging
    - click 1. Instant Messaging
    - click 1. AOL Instant Messenger
    - click 1. Sign On (the url to get to this page is but I couldn't figure out how to input the equal sign from the treo keypad)
    - Enter your screen name and password and it will log you on aim and load your buddy list. After you log on you should bookmark the page to easily take you back to aim if you browse to another site.

    When I received a reply from someone, I was notified by a text message to view the incoming message...I do not know yet if I am going to be charged for the text notification but supposedly it's free...I will have to confirm when the bill comes.

    Also, I have Versamail to autosync so it keeps my internet connection open and aim logged on.
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    You do get charged for the text message, it just counts as a regular text message I believe.
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    I personnaly use Toccer on my 700p. It has had some randumb resets but works fine for the most part.

    Do any of the free apps include file transfering from our Treos?
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