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    I read the review of the Sprint 700p on the main page and saw that there was a built in CityID type application but don't see it on my Verizon 700p. Did I just miss something in the settings or is this little built in app only on the Sprint model?
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    As far as I can see on the Sprint model the city is not identified, only the state (with the included app). There are a couple of third party apps that do this though.
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    yea state id only on my sprint.
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    Sprint added a lot of their own apps/features to the 700p. Verizon's 700p is pretty much the stock Palm version with few value add apps.
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    Gotcha. Thanks for the info!

    I was going to load CityID but thought I'd wait to see if I was missing something or not.
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    So, does CityID work on a Verizon 700p?
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    Yep, sure does. The CityID logo overlays the Answer button by just a little bit but other than that, works just fine.

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