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    I am thinking thinking about purchasing the Moto Q/Treo 700w/p. Can anyone (GoodGuy) tell me if any version of GL supports changing the Senders Name and Reply To on the fly when creating a new message? I have several fowarding mail accounts and need to choose which one to use depending on who I am sending a message to. I can do this with Chatter using a custom SMTP profile from the new message window.

    The built in Messaging application in WM5 devices supporting DirectPush does NOT allow this.

    Any information would be appreciated, thanks.
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    Just as with the direct push method you won't be able to do it with Good. The reason is the same: Good and direct push get the sending information from the Exchange account - which is a server side setting. Of course you can add an alias to your Exchange server and change the address the email appears to come from but this is not something you do on the fly like in Chatter, just choosing a profile to use.
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    This is one of the features I miss that the blackberry "kind of" had. I had BES and BIS email. the BB let me choose which account I wanted to send a new email from, thus having a different return address. True, when sending from BIS, it wasn't saved in my Exchange sent items but that was ok.

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