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    I just recently received my Treo 700p and I have noticed that while it is sitting on my desk in standby mode the screen will come on every once in a while by itself. I have some 3rd party apps loaded on the Treo and this behavior could be caused by one or a combination of them, but I have yet to narrow it down to any specific ones.

    Has anyone else noticed behavior like this and if so have you found any applications or reasons why the screen comes on by itself? I just thought I would see if I was alone on this one...

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    Usually when my Treo is going in and out of roaming.
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    Also happens when my car kit makes a bluetooth connection. Maybe your computer or something else nearby is making a bluetooth connection? You could try turning bluetooth off on your 700p and see if the behavior continues.

    Scary...sounds almost like a PPC feature.
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    I also experience this when I turn my bluetooth headset on, or when my headset is low on power and my 700P looses connection and tries to reconnect.

    I'd also suggest turning off your bluetooth radio temporarily.
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    Welcome to the club ! I had the problem for 11 months and 5 phone replacements with the 650. It was fixed with an ROM update, all the phones did the same thing, only the update fixed it !!!!
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