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    I realize there are a few posts about versamail in this forum, but I couldn't find anything that dealt with my issue so I figured it couldn't hurt to start a new one.

    Over the past few days my phone has been randomly losing the password for the mail account I set up in Versamail. It will be fine for a day or two, then all of a sudden I get an "Autosync Failed" message, and when I check the settings it says my password is unassigned.

    Has anyone else experienced this? If so, any workarounds or fixes for it?

    Thanks in advance!
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    this happened for the first time a couple days ago for me too. intresting. i just put my pw back in there, and it worked. if it happens again, i may have to go snapper or chatter. pitty too cause versamail was working pretty well.
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    Versamail is also losing my password. I have Versamail set to "do nothing" in Palmdesktop, since I do not sync that often. Do you think this has anything to do with the problem?
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    I sync it all the time, and it still loses my password every few days. I tried deleting and reestablishing my e-mail account. I did that yesterday and haven't lost the password since then, but only time will tell if that's actually a fix...

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