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    Ringo is causing my phone to reset whenever a text is recieved, is there anything i can do to fix that? also is there any other program thats like ringo for cheap?
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    Depends.... What phone. What version of Ringo were you using...
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    Works fine on the 650, but resets the 700p.

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    I have friend who has a Treo 650 and this happens to her all the time. We ahve tried deleting the messaging Database. The only thing that worked was a Hard Reset and then installing everything but RINGO. As soon as we install ringo it resets again with every text message.

    Any thoughts. She has the newest version of Ringo.

    Ringo on my 700p works resets so far.
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    I'm having this exact issue right now. Here's what seems to help:

    In Ringo, I have a default ringtone and a default SMS tone.

    In System Prefs/Sounds, I have the same tone selected for Messaging as I do for SMS tones in Ringo. In other words, I have the same tone selected for the same action in two different application settings.

    I'm still playing with it, but I suspect that the reset occurs when there are two different tones selected for Messaging, one in the System Prefs/Sounds and a different one in Ringo. I think my System Prefs/Sound keeps resetting to the first tone on the list each time I turn the phone off and on, or possibly when I do a soft reset.

    I'll post anything more as I figure it out.

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