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    My Treo 650 will actually go through stages where 1 minute it recognizes the Sandisk 2gb card and lets me store and play mp3's...the next minute I get "No Card installed".

    After searching many sites and threads with no real answer found, I returned the Sandisk 2gb card, and exchanged it for a Sandisk 1gb card to see if that would solve my problem. However, the Sandisk 1gb card was acting the same way before I left Best Buy's parking lot. So...

    I exchanged the Sandisk 1gb card for a PNY 1gb card, and my Treo 650 will not even recognize the PNY card at all.

    H - E - L - P!!!

    (This is a similar post to the one I replied to in the SD deals thread, but thought it would be better placed here.)

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    Anyone have any advice? So far I love the Treo, but I'm not too please that I can't use it for MP3's, etc. without the ability to constantly recognize that there is an SD card installed.

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    I have had the most bizarre thing happening to me recently.. Absolutely no problem accessing the card all day long, plays songs, loads programs, etc..

    But every single morning when I wake up, the card is unrecognized. I have to do a soft reset and it's fine.

    I have mreset running at night... but i have for about 9 months now, and this just started happening about two weeks ago, and I haven't added any software! Only thing I can think of is I probably updated Butler, VolumeCare, maybe a thing or two else.
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    Cingular told me today to do a hard reset, and if that doesn't fix it...that I should replace the phone with another one. Did the hard reset, and it is now much better but the card is still unrecognized occasionally. Not sure if I should tolerate this, or ask for another phone and start over.....
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    I just got a 2gig sd card today and having the same problem. It's driving me nuts! Anyone have a true solution to the problem?
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    Well, I never went back to the 2gb card because Best Buy had the Sandisk 1gb cards for $29 ($47 - $18 rebate), and I couldn't justify $100 for a 2gb card with a price like that for 1gb.

    However, Cingular did replace my phone with another Treo 650, and I've got no issues now going on 48 hours with the new phone and my 1gb card.

    Let me know if you eventually get the problem resolved with the 2gb card because I would be interested in picking one of those up eventually. Thanks!
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    Man, must be nice! I think I paid about $100 for my 1gig card, way back when. I wish the prices would go down on software on cards, like that Handmark Monopoly/Scrabble/2 other things. $50 will kill me, if I decide to buy it.

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