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    I had a program years ago and can't remember the name, but it gave the user access to many app/launcher functions such as delete, beam, category, info (etc) by holding down the stylus on a launcher icon. A little dropdown menu would appear next to the icon. Makes life alot easier.

    Been searching all day and can't seem to find it. If it still exist and you know what it is please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

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    MegaLauncher II does this. It also has quite a few useful features like a built in archiver (compresses large files, like winzip) and a file manager.
    Lots of people complain that this launcher looks too much like WinCE, but I find it really good to use. Any other MegaLauncher users out there?
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    I use MegaLaucher II and love it. I think it is an excellent launcher... the integration with FastCPU is also really cool.

    I love the functionality built into MegaLauncher that is just lacking in the regular launcher - the ability to beam, delete, etc. just by holding down the stylus is great.

    The biggest limitation for Visor users is that it won't remember categories (the regular launcher does). If you are like me and have 80 applications (?) on your 8M Flash module and you decide to do a backup, when you reinsert your flash module you are forced to spend the next five minutes moving every application on the module from "unfiled" to it's category.

    Overall, though, this module is incredibly versatile. You can make it simple or complex. It looks AWESOME in color, but also looks good in 16-grey on my friends Platinum, and 4-grey on the deluxe. You can display a lot of information or just a little... very nice.
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    MegaLauncher also seems to have problems picking icons from reinstalled applications at times, along with the forgetting of categories.

    My preference is for Lauch'em by Synergy Solutions.
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